Saudi artist Faisal Abdulaziz AlKheriji is a self-taught artist who is inspired by the world around him, adding touches of beauty wherever he goes in hopes of fulfilling his part of Representing Culture Differently. Faisal first got into art at the age 12, as he started sketching and trying to copy other paintings and learning from other artists.



Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Faisal practiced drawing from time to time but got more serious about it in Boston, where he obtained his Bachelor's degree there.  As his techniques improved, he started creating his own painting style which mixes culture, cubism, and surrealism to create distinct characteristic portraits that reflects his culture in a different yet beautiful way. His paintings can be described as either calming or disturbing, simple or sophisticated, or as he prefers to call them; just the Right amount of wrong.




With a full-time day job in marketing, Faisal usually paints at night and during the weekends. As he got more known in the Saudi art community, he was featured for his work on many newspapers and online media outlets, the most recent one being Vogue Arabia magazine. 



On top of the media exposure, Faisal participated in many art exhibitions. His first one was at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Boston back in 2015, and that was followed by many other appearances in exhibitions & art fairs in London, and of course his hometown in Jeddah.  

Ther's no right or wrong way to do it.

Faisal draws his inspirations from old art masters such as Pablo Picasso, who influenced Faisal in his work allot,  as well as current ones such as Gorge Condo and Michael Godard, whom Faisal was fortunate enough to meet at an art show in Las Vegas and discuss art-related topics and get feedback and advice on his work. Going forward, Faisal plans to expand his art to reach a wider audience both locally and globally and to share his culture's rich heritage through his art pieces. 

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